We are a club based out of Hays, KS. Our governing region is Heart of America (HOA).We practice in Hays and other facilities near Hays in Munjor, Victoria, Ellis and WaKeeney.

Tryouts are the 2nd weekend in November.  Tryouts are open to anyone from any school or town. The age divisions offered begin at 12 and under, and continue up at every age through 18 and under. Players are placed based on ability and may be asked to play in an older division. 

Our practice and tournament schedules are flexible.  We pick our weekly practice dates/times and our tournaments based on the availability of our team's players and coaches.  We will attend 5 or 6 tournaments per season.

We practice every Sunday and a second day of the week that fits best for the team. We begin practices  in December.  In December we have parent meetings and referee training for the girls.  We start to travel to tournaments in January.  Our season typically concludes at the end of March or beginning of April.

Tournaments are typically on Sundays but are occasionally on a Saturday.  For our older divisions, we focus on getting the kids to areas that will put them in front of college recruiters. This will include Wichita, Kansas City, Topeka, Salina, Kearney NE...

We are always at the mercy of what tournaments are offered on the weekends our team is available to play.

We also offer the opportunity for players to attend national qualifiers and other large tournaments.  Players will sign up to be a part of these teams. Members of Western Kansas Elite will be the first considered for these teams, however if we have positions open, we may utilize outside players to complete teams. The cost for each of these tournaments is additional to the club fees. Practices with these specific teams will be organized according to players' and coaches schedules. We will try to get in several practices before attending these tournaments.

I do my very best to work around the kids' schedules. I will never conflict with school sports and activities. We always schedule around that. We can co-exist with school sports and activities. AND we do our best to work around other things in the kids' lives too. I get a schedule from families at the beginning of the season to help us do just that.

The club fees to play are $600. This covers everything but your own travel expenses. If you sign up for any of the National Qualifier teams, the cost is addition to the club fees. We understand that this can be a very large expense for families so we have implemented a program to help!

It will just take a bit of your time, but is well worth it. I have had many players participate with no money out of heir own pocket.