Kerri Lacy - Club Director

Kerri is the director of Western Kansas Elite.
Kerri began coaching in 1989 at Trego High School. She coached there for 2 years and then moved to Kennedy Middle School where she coached for 13 years. From 1991-2004. Kerri also began coaching in the club seen in 2005 and continues coaching club today.
Kerri's love for volleyball spans back many years and has grown immensely through watching her own daughters compete through MS, HS and at the college level. Being a club director at this level is a new experience for Kerri although she has had a couple small clubs in the past. As a club coach Kerri has a great record and has coached every team to a top 5 or better finish in the HOA regional silver rankings, including a number 1 finish with Western Kansas Elite 17-1 team just last season.
Currently Kerri is an elementary teacher and is the Club Director for Western Kansas Elite.